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We would like to acknowledge the The Dugdale Trust for Women & Girls for making the vision of Giving Voice to Menopause a reality.

In 2021 we ran a pozible crowdfunding campaign, seeking funding to complete post production of the film and to help us screen it in community. 

With the help of many supporters we reached our stretch target for the Giving Voice to Menopause film and wider project!

We are very grateful to the following supporters each of whom has donated $50 and over, raising vital funds for the completion of this stage of the project and the design of the next phase.

Augusta, Anna Clark, Edward Chow, Bill Chow, Rachel Sands, Margot Rottem, Jane Bennett, Neda Rahmani, Jane Hardwicke Collings, Charlotte Young, Naomi, Linda Ruff, Michelle Kilpatrick, Alice Park, Laara Eames, Emily Hayes, Maria Chetcuti, Sally Rippin, Kate Kantor, Christie McKay, Peta Christensen, Kate Oliver, Kate Kennedy, Myf Browning, Annette Cock, Jennie Teskey, Jacqui Kirk, Defah Dattner, Ninza Ginza, Deirdre O'Brien, Family Bowditch-Brown, Jess Willoughby, Brooke McAlary, Julie Nichol, Kirsty Argyle, Lou Taylor, Amanda Lawrence, Bridget Melling-Williams, Rachel Wilson, Shae Elise, Julie Parker, Helen Schleiger, Sequoia Glastonbury, Therese OBrien, Natalie Hale, Irene Rose, Jacqueline Dreessens, Katerina Gauntlett, Joanne Franklin, Jennifer Barden, Emma Tonkin, Biddy Connor, Libby S, Kylie Bryant, Felicity Case, Lisa Farinosi, Allyson Griffith, Gordon Pattullo, Rebecca Mayo, Morry and Margot Rottem, Jo Roszkowski, Norma, Ilka White, Sandra Pascuzzi, Cam Miller, Rachel Brindley, Melissa Stoffregen, Jules Wilson, SANACORI, Durelle Esnouf, Campbell Fuller, Tony Nagle, Nola Pollard, Nicki Johnson, Michelle Carrier, Tracy Anita, Penny Everett, Yvonne Virsik,Bridie De Vecchi, Caitlin McGrath, David Corbet, Eleanor Whitworth, Nadene Marsh, Justine Thompson Yoga, Rivka Worth

And  a big thank you to all our supporters. We couldn't do this without you.

Thank you: Text
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